Episode 36 – Merry Christmas!

Christmas time is here! So our latest podcast episode is all about Christmas! This continues our holiday theme after our Thanksgiving and Halloween episodes. Whatever will we talk about next time around? But that is getting ahead of ourselves.

In this episode, we talk about our favorite Christmas songs, our favorite Christmas memories, gifts we have received, and even our favorite Christmas movies. We even thought about singing some of our favorite Christmas songs, but we decided against it. See if some of our favorites are some of your favorites, too! And feel free to let us know what your favorites are. Because as with our discussions, there is no one right answer!

Christmas traditions are different for everyone. So if yours are not like ours, that is okay! It is always interesting to hear the different traditions, customs, and memories that people have about this holiday. Maybe you do things the way you do because of where you live, or because of how your family has done them, or just because it is what you like to do. Our traditions have changed over the years as our family has changed. It is great to be able to adapt to your circumstances, after all.

You can see some of our Christmas memories from past years at the main Burnsland website, and we will probably share a few from this year, too.

So whatever you are planning for Christmas this year, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday, and a great time with family and friends!

Merry Christmas!

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